Benefits of using the Research Data Support service

The benefits of sharing your research data are numerous: for you, your research, the wider research community and society as a whole.

Why use the Springer Nature Research Data Support service?

Our Research Data Support service was created to address the challenges we know many researchers face in not having the time, expertise or knowledge to make research data easy to find, cite and understand. We also help you meet the requirements set by your institution or funder around sharing research data. 

Our team of expert research data editors do all the time-consuming work of creating high quality metadata records, making your research data understandable and easier to find and use by researchers in your field of study: time that you could use to carry out new research. We make sure that other researchers can find and cite your work, so that you get the credit you deserve.

Benefits to you:

  • Expert curation by experienced research data editors ensures that your data can be easily found and reused.
  • Time saved organising and presenting your data in a useful way.
  • Increased exposure of your research to your community.
  • Meet the data sharing requirements of your publisher, institution and funder more easily.
  • Researchers that share their data are leading the way in open research.

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Benefits to your research:

  • By publishing your research data and linking it to your published research article, you are more likely to be found and cited, giving you extra credit for your research.
  • Ensures data associated with articles are available and findable, increasing visibility of your journal article.

Benefits to society, science and your research community: 

  • By publishing research data you help drive change, inspire policy, help society and progress scientific innovation.
  • The future of science: by making research data open and easier to access and find, you promote transparency and reproducibility.

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Not convinced by the benefits of sharing research data? 

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