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What do you receive when submitting to Research Data Support?

Research Data Support makes your research data files easier to find and understand by editing and enhancing the metadata about your files. So instead of being understood by only you, your data are understandable to both other researchers and machines. For example during curation we make the titles, author information, keywords and descriptions on your data files clear and consistent. Our professional research data editors also carry out checks on file integrity, for the presence of potentially sensitive information, and for consistency with associated manuscripts where this applies. Publication of your data will be coordinated with the publication any associated Springer Nature articles, where this applies.

Before data curation

In a researcher’s dataset in a desktop folder

  • The dataset is stored as an file in a researcher's folder
  • The file title is not comprehensible to anyone but the creator
  • No description or keywords available

​​​​​​​No one other than the creator can access the data, or even knows that it exists

Our team of expert Research Data Editors do all the time-consuming work


Learn more about what happens to your datasets once submitted.

Research Data Support makes research data easier to find and understand by editing and enhancing metadata about submitted data and files (such as titles, authors, keywords and descriptions). Professional Research Data Editors also carry out checks on file integrity, for the presence of potentially sensitive information, and for consistency with associated manuscripts where applicable. Publication of data will be coordinated with the publication of the authors’ associated Springer Nature articles, where applicable.

Examples of Research Data Support

New Content ItemFukangichthys: CT scan data and surface files from middle Triassic fossil scanilepiform fish

About example: The paper was published in Nature, where a data availability statement and data citation was included.

The dataset was published in the Springer Nature figshare repository which contains the following features: comprehensive description, useful and meaningful title, downloads and citation information and more. Read the paper Discover the dataset

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Using our Research Data service is easy

  1. Fill in a 2-minute enquiry form to see if your dataset (collection of files) is eligible for the service.
  2. We can’t publish data that refer to human participants (personal data) or sensitive data (identifiable). Please remove any personal or sensitive details such as names, addresses, locations etc.
  3. Upload (drag and drop) your collection of files to our secure online repository, hosted by figshare.

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  • I had a really great experience using Springer Nature Research Data Support. The process was straightforward, and the team were very helpful at guiding me through the process. The resultant data package is very easy to access and navigate. I opted to use the service because I wanted to make sure that the data accompanying my Nature paper are as accessible as possible.

    Dr Samantha Giles, Research Fellow, University of Oxford

  • Research Data Support provided an uncomplicated yet highly efficient way to share and archive my data. The whole process went smoothly and the team was always available and helpful. I really enjoyed the minimal effort and time I spent on the data submission, which resulted in high quality outputs.

    Dr Hasina Josué Rakotoniaina, University of Göttingen ​​​​​​

  • Although I already uploaded my associated code and data on my personal GitHub profile, I decided to submit all associated files. Our correspondence was prompt and highly professional, which made the whole process smooth and manageable. Overall, I received a great level of service and found the entire experience of using the Springer Nature Research Data Support a very positive one.

    Martin Pavlovski, Visiting Scholar, Temple University

  • After a recommendation from an Editor, I decided to use this service. I had tried to use another, local service but the process was complicated and I gave up. I found the process of Springer Nature Research Data Support easy to understand and the team replied promptly with enough detail regarding my questions. The data output is of good quality and I am sure everyone will be able to easily use the service.​​​​​​​

    Jate Lumyongsatien, MD, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol university