Pricing for Research Data Support

The standard price per dataset is €300/£265/US$340 plus VAT or local taxes where applicable up to 50GB of data.

What is included in the price?

The prices quoted include dedicated curation time from the Research Data Support team; feedback, advice and assistance from a professional Research Data Editor; coordination of data publication and/or embargoes if necessary; and the facilitation of corrections and amendments where applicable. An enhancement report describing checks and improvements made to the data will also be provided. Datasets are published in the Springer Nature figshare repository and will continue to be managed and preserved by the Springer Nature Research Data Support team.

Service Features

  • Advice on finding repositories and complying with policies
  • Check for presence of sensitive information
  • Advice on writing data availability statements and data citation
  • Ensure accessibility of files for end users
  • Easy upload to Springer Nature figshare repository
  • Ensure files match metadata and associated publications
  • Organise files into a logical structure and collections
  • Author lists matched to associated publications
  • Copy edit submitted metadata including titles and dataset description
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) generated for each dataset
  • Content categorised according to industry standard definitions
  • Datasets embargoes with private, anonymous access enabled
  • Link and synchronize dataset release to associated publications
  • Enhancement report and feedback from Research Data Editor

My dataset is larger than 50GB, what are the additional costs?

The standard prices for additional storage are as follows, plus VAT or local taxes where applicable. These will be charged in addition to the standard Research Data Support pricing:



50 - 100 GB


101 - 250 GB


251 - 500 GB


501 - 750 GB


751GB - 1 TB


When is payment due?

Payment is taken after the first round of curation has been completed, usually within five days from the date that the dataset was first submitted to the service. You will be asked to provide your billing details and you will be sent an invoice for payment. Payment must be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

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What payment methods can I use?

When you have received your invoice, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or cheque. Please contact our free research data helpdesk for more information.

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How do I use my resubmission code or token code?

If you have been provided with a resubmission or token code, you should enter this when you upload your dataset to the Springer Nature submission portal. If you have submitted your dataset but did not enter your resubmission code or token code in error, please contact our free research data helpdesk.

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Does my institution, journal or funding agency currently provide Research Data Support, at no cost?

To find out if your institution, journal or funding agency already offers Research Data Support please contact our free research data helpdesk. If you are a Wellcome Trust funded researcher who is interested in submitting your research data, at no cost to yourself, through our pilot you can learn more here. 

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Do you provide any waivers or discounts?

As Research Data Support is an optional service, we do not currently offer any waivers or discounts on our standard fees with the exception of Research Data Support provided by specific journals, institutions and funding agencies. Please contact our free research data helpdesk for more information.

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