SpringerProtocols.com platform deactivation

As of July 25th 2018, the SpringerProtocols.com platform will be deactivated. Content from SpringerProtocols will continue to be hosted on SpringerLink and searchable on our new research platform Springer Nature Experiments, specially designed and optimized for protocols search. 

Find out about the benefits of the move along with recommended actions for existing customers in the below FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.0 What is happening?

The SpringerProtocols.com platform website will be deactivated on 2018 July 25th. SpringerProtocols content will be searchable via Springer Nature Experiments, our advanced research solution dedicated to protocols and methods. Springer Nature Experiments has been designed to help users/researchers find and evaluate relevant protocols and methods across the whole Springer Nature protocols and methods portfolio (SpringerProtocols, Nature Methods, Nature Protocols and Protocols Exchange). Please note that the actual SpringerProtocols content is hosted on SpringerLink for integrated search with Springer journals and eBooks. Springer Nature Experiments itself does not host any full-text content.

2.0 When will the change take effect?

SpringerProtocols.com will be fully closed on 2018 July 25th. After this point, content and usage reports will no longer be available via www.springerprotocols.com.

3.0 Why is SpringerProtocols.com platform closing?

This change is part of Springer Nature’s on-going goal to advance discovery and provide the best user experience in accessing and interacting with content.

Our new research platform Springer Nature Experiments comes with a whole host of user benefits, including:

  • Easier search and browsing experience
  • Increased search results relevance with subject-specific focus (e.g., lab techniques and model organisms recognition in the articles text)
  • At-a-glance article evaluation with key metrics and information (downloads, citations, etc.)
  • Added ability to search across the entire Springer Nature protocols and methods portfolio (SpringerProtocols, Nature Methods, Nature Protocols and Protocols Exchange)

4.0 What impact will this have on me and do I need to do anything?

We anticipate minimal impact on our current users and customers. However, outlined below are further information and instructions on how to access content and download reports before the SpringerProtocols.com platform is closed.

4.1 For librarians

4.1.1 Content access for current subscribers or archives​​​​​​​

  • Your terms as outlined in your license / purchasing agreement will remain the same.
  • The only difference is that after July 25th, it will not be possible anymore to access content on the SpringerProtocols.com platform.

4.1.2 EZ Prozys Stanzas

Currently, Experiments doesn’t have any authentication in place as it primarily allows users to find and evaluate relevant protocols and methods. Experiments can be accessed from anywhere using the direct public url.

The full text content is hosted on the articles native sources SpringerLink (for SpringerProtocols) or Nature.com (for Nature Protocols and Nature Methods) and the access control is happening there.

If you rely on stand-alone EZproxy (self-hosted), then you must make the following changes to your EZproxy server to maintain access to your Springer resources (you can also refer to OCLC website for further instructions). Please not that these changes will be made in all EZproxy servers hosted by OCLC on July 18, 2018.

1)   Add the Springer Nature Experiments and Nature Publishing stanzas.

Title Springer Nature Experiments (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20180709)

URL https://experiments.springernature.com

HJ http://experiments.springernature.com

HJ springernature.com

DJ springernature.com

Title Nature Publishing (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20180709)

URL https://www.nature.com

HJ http://www.nature.com

DJ nature.com

2)   Add the SpringerLink Stanza.

Title SpringerLink (Updated OCLC IncludeFile 20180709)

URL https://link.springer.com

HJ link.springer.com

HJ rd.springer.com

HJ www.link.springer.com

HJ www.springerlink.com

HJ https://rd.springer.com

HJ https://www.link.springer.com

HJ https://www.springerlink.com

DJ springerlink.com

DJ springer.com

NeverProxy static-content.springer.com

Please note: You must maintain the Springer Protocols stanza until all your website links have been changed to the new platform.

Title Springer Protocols

URL http://www.springerprotocols.com

HJ springerprotocols.com

HJ www.springerprotocols.com

HJ m.springerprotocols.com

DJ springerprotocols.com

Find "m.springerprotocols.com"

Replace "^pm.springerprotocols.com^"

4.1.3 Stored Urls

Any stored URLs will be automatically redirected to the Springer Nature Experiments platform. However, to increase performance for your users we advise to update your catalogue records.

4.1.4 Usage Reports & Admin Portal

  • Usage Statistics will no longer be available on the SpringerProtocols.com platform after July 25th.
  • Please visit SpringerProtocols.com in advance of the platform closure to download any historical usage report. Should you need any report after this date, please contact us using the details below.
  • Usage reporting will consequently be available via the SpringerLink Admin Portal but will not include any historical report on SpringerProtocols.com usage.

4.1.5 Title list

  • Title lists will no longer be available on the SpringerProtocols.com platform after July 25th.
  • After this date, you will find the SpringerProtocols title list on the SpringerProtocols webpage on SpringerNature.com.

​​​​​​​4.2 For researchers

4.2.1 Content access

  • You will no longer be able to access SpringerProtocols content on the SpringerProtocols.com platform after July 25th.
  • Please visit Springer Nature Experiments and take advantage of the new platform’s  features. SpringerProtocols content is fully searchable on Experiments with full-text hosted on SpringerLink.

4.2.2 Stored protocols and Saved search results

  • Any Stored protocols and Saved search results in your SpringerProtocols.com account will no longer be available after July 25th.
  • Please visit SpringerProtocols.com in advance of the platform closure to download any Stored protocols.

5.0 Support

Please email experiments@springernature.com for any further information or questions.