Research data

Make the most of your institutional research data

We're passionate about making data sharing and research data best practice the new normal.

To meet the growing demand for research data management support, we're offering services specifically for institutions, as well as resources for your researchers. 

White paper: Practical challenges for researchers in data sharing

We look forward to working with you to support your institutional aims.

Research data training

Training solutions to benefit your team and researchers at your institution


Our training directly addresses one of the main challenges researchers encounter around data sharing: how to organize data in a presentable and useful way.2 

Part of Nature Research Academies, our workshops offer trusted quality and a professional perspective on research data best practice. Attendees understand the value of research data and how data can be shared effectively. 

Training is appropriate for researchers at all levels of prior knowledge.

Research Data Support service update

We are currently developing the ways in which we support researchers with open data services and solutions.


While we do this, we are currently not accepting any new submissions to Research Data Support. 

Find out more on the Research Data Support website 

Helpful research data resources

Resources for researchers

We are committed to supporting researchers in sharing their research data, and getting the credit they deserve. Here are some useful resources to help researchers at your institution:


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2. Stuart, D; Baynes, G; Hrynaszkiewicz, I; Allin, K; Penny, D; Lucraft, M; et al. (2018): Whitepaper: Practical challenges for researchers in data sharing