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Companies and Health organizations around the world choose Springer Nature as a trusted source to increase effectiveness, support decision making, accelerate R&D and innovation. Using all types of content like scientific journals, books and databases. Choose a research area that meets your company’s research needs.

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Customer feedback

“The Springer Nature collection will fit into your library collection profile, it is good quality.”

Suzanne Baker, former librarian at Antonie van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis – NKI, Netherlands

“I recommend Springer Nature products fully because I think they are truly valuable. Outstandingly interesting new (research) material available each & every day.”

Funda Topaz, Librarian, and Moreno Curti, Medical doctor and coordinator of Bibliosan consortium, San Matteo Pavia

“Springer Nature takes a flexible approach to working with different companies and creating the best solution for the customer, whether they need a handful of titles or the
whole collection.” “I also like the availability of trials for the different types of content available,”

Maria Markovic, representing the Copyclues division of the Chicago-based firm Logiclues

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Why your competitors choose Springer Nature

  • Content is easily accessible from wherever you are located, using any device
  • Flexible business and access models for companies of all sizes
  • Partnerships with renowned scholarly and professional societies
  • Free training for staff members to ensure maximum value
  • Detailed usage reports available anytime to assess ROI
  • Supporting marketing materials to communicate to users