Webinars for the Corporate & Health community

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Webinars for the R&D community

Semiconductors & Rare Earth elements: What are the Alternatives?| 27th September, 2022

The use of rare earth elements is crucial to semiconductor manufacturing. With the supply chain is suffering, how can companies find alternatives?

AI in Heart Failure | June 1

Explore the advantages of using AI in the treatment and management against heart failure, featuring a panel of the world's leading researchers.

Granular Usage Reporting

Corporate libraries and information centers often need reporting on a granular level for reasons like internal invoicing or differences in departmental access. This webinar looks at the solutions that one corporate librarian has implemented.

Bringing Deeper Insight to Data: The Role of Info Pros in Text and Data Mining Initiatives

Mary Ellen Bates looks at how information managers can most impactfully contribute to TDM initiatives and how Springer Nature itself uses TDM technologies to develop new products and services and enrich existing ones.

Challenges facing info teams

View this webinar for an in-depth look at a practical approach to breaking down, analyzing and reporting on value for information products and services.

Managing Institutional Knowledge and Insight

View this webinar to learn more about how information managers can contribute to Text and Data Mining (TDM) projects and what questions information managers need to ask before a TDM project is initiated.

AI in Healthcare

The webinar covers the most commonly used “AI” algorithms today and how they are being utilised to augment medical diagnosis and treatment.  Examples include image analysis, pathology, clinical decisions support systems and drug development with both the potential and current limitations.

Info Pros and the Changing Landscape of Technology

Join this webinar for research findings and practical tips on how you and your team can confidently contribute your unique expertise to collaborative projects with a technology focus.

Infopros and Artificial Intelligence

Learn how info pros can help lead the AI discussion and contribute their unique skill set to this transformational technology.

Bringing Insight to Data: Info Pros’ Role in Text- and Data-Mining

In this webinar, Mary Ellen Bates offers insights into what aspects of TDM most benefit from an info pro point of view and how info pros can best leverage their professional expertise in this new field.

Organization, Discovery, and Output: A Knowledge Manager's Role in the Tech Landscape

View this webinar for a discussion on knowledge management in the corporate space. Learn about day-to-day work, decision making, and the evolving role of Librarians and non-Librarians in the corporate space. Panelists include individuals from Facebook, Dropbox, and Springer Nature.

Building Intelligent Systems

Machine learning in practice by Geoff Hulten.

Innovations & Trends in Oncology

The first webinar in the Springer Nature Competitive Intelligence series highlights innovations, hot and emerging topics in the field of oncology.

“Discovery” webinar

Get research-based insights on what works, what’s needed, and how information teams are driving progress.

Measuring the ROI of the Information Center

Identifying and communicating the ROI of information services by Mary Ellen Bates.