Springer Nature Video Frequently Asked Questions

Springer Nature Video FAQ


What is Springer Nature Video?

A collection of high quality, peer reviewed videos, created by leading academics, practitioners, and thinkers. Titles take viewers through various demonstrations, case studies, and lectures that spark discourse and give a unique chance to see experts at work.

What benefits does Springer Nature Video offer to researchers and end users?

Springer Nature Video collections provide access to peer-review video that is created by trusted experts in the field.

What can users do with video content?

Watch engaging, educational content
• Training (i.e. surgical; protocols)
• Teaching materials
• Lectures, interviews and roundtable discussions

Learn skills in real time
Viewers follow along with experts as they demonstrate their work and share deeper
insights about practical applications and rationales.

Apply knowledge in continued research

What main research areas do the videos cover?

The first two available collection are Medicine and Professional and Applied Computing. Followed by Engineering and Business and Economics.

Where does Springer Nature Video get its content?

The video content is created by wellknown authors and experts from the respective fields.

How often are Springer Nature Video collections updated?

Answer to come

How many videos can users expect per collection?

The collections will contain 50 videos minimum.

What languages are the videos presented in?



Where do I find video content on SpringerLink?

Video content is either available on link.springer.com/video or within the navigation of SpringerLink content pages.

What kind of technical requirements are necessary to watch Springer Nature Video?

There are no specific technical requirements necessary to watch Springer Nature Video.

Can I download video content?

No, Springer Nature Video content is only available as stream, and can't be downloaded.


How can I access Springer Nature Video?

Similar to Springer Nature eBook collections Springer Nature Video collections are also available via a license. The content is then accessible on link.springer.com.

Can I access individual videos only?

No, access is only possible on collection basis.

Can Springer Nature Video content be accessed via mobile devices?

Yes, similar to other content on SpringerLink, also video collections can be accessed via mobile devices.

Who do I contact for access issues?

Please contact onlineservice@springernature.com.


How do I request a trial?

You can request a trial via Springer Nature’s sales team or via a trial request form.

What is the trial duration?

Springer Nature offers trial periods from 30-60 days.


What kind of usage statistics are available for Springer Nature Video?

We aim to provide COUNTER-5 reports for SN Video usage, but this is not available yet. Please contact your SN licensing manager in case you need any statistics in the meantime.


Where can I find more information about Springer Nature Video?

On www.springernature.com/snvideo you will find more information about Springer Nature Video and quick links to recorded tutorials, webinar dates, the product fact sheet and contact details of the Springer Nature Video product team.

Who to contact for product related questions?

Please reach out to  libraryrelations@springernature.com. Our Springer Nature Video product team will get in contact with you.

Who to contact for marketing related questions?

Please send any marketing related questions to libraryrelations@springernature.com.