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Nature Reviews is a portfolio of 21 journals, which are dedicated to publishing review and commentary articles in the clinical, life, physical and earth sciences.

  • Part of the Nature family— the leading international weekly journal of science first published in 1869.
  • The Reviews are authoritative and accessible, and are complemented by critical comment and analysis.
  • High-quality graphics provide context and connection whatever the discipline.

The value of Nature Reviews

The Nature Reviews journals are unique resources and teaching tools, widely used by students and faculty. Dedicated to filtering and condensing the latest advances in their respective fields, the Reviews journals play an increasingly important part in improving the accessibility of original research. 

The Nature Reviews journals are run by professional editors and their team who support authors throughout the editorial process: from commissioning thought-leaders to write about the most important and timely topics, to helping authors develop the scope of the article. Expert peer reviewers are selected to provide guidance. The articles are edited for clarity, balance and accessibility, and editors work together with art editors to turn complex concepts into clear figures that complement the text.

The value of Nature Reviews

"Researchers have an increasing focus and responsibility to contribute towards solving the world’s most pressing challenges, from curing diseases to addressing the pressures our planet faces from climate change. As research becomes more collaborative, our journals distill the diversity of perspectives to guide readers through the literature, providing researchers with the tools they need to push the boundary of discovery. Alongside our longer-format articles, the Nature Reviews journals presents expert opinions and perspectives, news and analysis across the scientific spectrum." 

Mina Razzak, Editorial Director, Nature Reviews

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How to use Primers in experiment planning

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