Path to Publish

Empower your researchers. Advance their discoveries

What if you could give your researchers innovative tools and services to enable them to write and publish their work more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively?

Springer Nature introduces Path to Publish, a suite of tools and services your researchers can use to overcome the most common obstacles and challenges they face getting their research published.

How does the Path to Publish package help you to meet your goals?

Provides a cost-effective suite of resources to support your academics through every phase of the research cycle:

  • Upskills your researchers to plan and execute projects more effectively
  • Facilitates collaboration opportunities with academics across the globe
  • Supports funding applications with preprints to showcase research progress
  • Accelerates the publication speed of your research team’s discoveries
  • Frees up hundreds of hours for your faculty, staff and PIs
  • Eliminates the guesswork from the publication process

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