Springer Nature's metadata policy

As Springer Nature takes into account the growing need for freely available metadata we are making our original MARC records available under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license for free use. The CC0 license applies for all Springer Nature MARC21 and MARCxml records offered through the MARC download tool. 

FTP option for Springer Nature MARC records

Customers who prefer FTP delivery of MARC records should email MARC@Springer.com and include ALL of the following information:

  1. Please provide the contact name and email of the responsible staff member(s)
  2. Uploads will be made to a Springer Nature FTP site for you to download the data, with your own login credentials.
  3. If your processes require uploads to your own FTP instead, please provide the address, credentials to access and the folder to use; please note that read/write access on your FTP site is needed
  4. Please tell us which Springer Nature collections you have purchased, including copyright year(s), e.g. Math and Statistics CRY 2017
  5. Please tell us the frequency of updates you would like (the standard is monthly but shorter intervals are possible)
  6. If you have any other questions on this service, please include them in your email

We will confirm via email when you can start to use the FTP service, which will remain in effect indefinitely.

*Note: this service applies only to Springer Nature (not OCLC) MARC records, nor is it available for eBook title lists

Forthcoming titles and eBooks without eRights

The forthcoming report is typically updated the first week of each month:

The 'no erights' list includes titles added through October 2013. Since November 2013, newly listed titles can be found in the 'Deleted MARC records' download option in the form above.