Professional & Applied Computing

Technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning: they are key components of many aspects of life today, and research and higher education are no exception. Data analytics, managing and sharing large data sets, designing algorithms, presenting research in a clear and visually appealing way: these are part of the work of academics, regardless of what field they are in. 

Knowing how to work with the systems that support these actions and being familiar with the programming languages commonly used for them are vital for researchers at various stages of their careers, both in academic and in corporate settings. This Collection provides researchers, students and developers with the practical tech content they need to excel in their work. Careful editorial attention to quality and frequent new editions to cover updates in programming languages and software ensure the Professional & Applied Computing collection’s reliability and relevance. All books are tech reviewed and curated by our dedicated team of editors. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: data science, data analytics, database management, security, web accessibility, blockchain applications, fintech and programming languages such as Python, C#, C++, R, MATLAB, Swift and Java. The content level ranges from Beginner to Pro, and everything in between.

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eBooks in this collection are dedicated to meeting the informational and educational needs of readers at every level: beginners, educators, IT professionals, developers, and tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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