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Your role in the hospital is pivotal to patient health. Managing a large collection of information resources and serving the needs of a variety of staff covering many different disciplines means that swift retrieval of the most reliable information is vital to the smooth-running and success of your hospital.

To support you in achieving this critical goal, we’ve developed highly-tailored collections of cutting-edge healthcare research and made them quickly accessible on intuitive platforms driven by powerful search engines. Our aim is to provide your hospital with continued assurance that your procedures are the most effective and at the forefront of patient care.

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A Leading US Cancer Center

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Rita de Cassia, Hospital Sirio Libanes, Brazil

“I recommend Springer Nature products fully because I think they are truly valuable. Outstandingly interesting new (research) material available each & every day.”

Funda Topaz, Librarian, and Moreno Curti, Medical doctor and coordinator of Bibliosan consortium, San Matteo Pavia

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Suzanne Baker, former librarian at Antonie van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis – NKI, Netherlands

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