Virtual Issue: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

By: Caitlin Cricco, Wed May 6 2020
Caitlin Cricco

Author: Caitlin Cricco

Deep learning, a method of machine learning that combines neural networks in multiple layers for better learning capabilities and expression, is now frequently used as an algorithm for building artificial intelligence.

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This method is particularly strong in fields such as computer vision and natural language processing, and has a wide range of application possibilities. Researchers and engineers around the globe are now starting to apply deep learning in the areas that matter to our everyday life, including autonomous driving, drug discovery, medical research, materials development, and finance.

In this Virtual Issue on Neural Networks and Deep Learning, we feature sample content from Springer Major Reference Works, recent publications from our selected journals, and eBook chapters. Free access to the featured content is available until 26th May, 2020.

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Caitlin Cricco

Author: Caitlin Cricco

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