Earth Day 2022

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We celebrate global environmental days like Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Ocean Day and others, which focus not only on the need to reduce our impact on the planet as we recover from the effects of Covid-19, but also on how we can play a role in repairing the damage we’ve done by exploring natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

To support and celebrate Earth Day 2022, we’ve pulled together key content resources, including interviews with experts in the field, the latest research, tools & resources to share with your users. The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet”.

Research highlights from 2021

The 21st Century is becoming known as the century of mega-challenges: Covid-19, climate change, resource scarcity, rising population growth, and urbanisation are all impacting humans and nature in a variety of adverse ways. 2021 saw an explosion of research published on these important topics. We have gathered highlights below, reflecting the year in Climate, Environmental Sciences, Aquatic Science and Energy.

eBook Highlights: focus on climate change, solutions and action

Highlighted Major Reference Works and Books

Invest in our Planet: key titles from

Launching in January 2023: Nature Water

EE_Nature water

Launching in January 2023, Nature Water is a bimonthly online journal publishing the best research on the evolving relation between water and society, covering natural sciences, engineering and social sciences. To face the challenges posed by climate change and increasing population, water research requires the integrated contribution of scientists from different disciplines, across the natural and social sciences and engineering. Nature Water aims to publish studies that can have an impact on fundamental understanding, on practical technological applications, and on the potential for policy.  

An introduction to Nature Water by Chief Editor, Fabio Pulizzi | Browse the “Waiting for Nature Water” Collection

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How the Review journals support your users

Reviews are an invaluable resource to get an in-depth update on a specific topic. Providing everything your users need to know on a subject in one place, they include clear and attractive figures that are an excellent resource for understanding and for using in talks and teaching. 

At Nature Reviews in particular, authors are asked to offer their own insights and to critique the data as well as describing the field. In that way, your user knows that they are getting a thorough, timely, expert-led view of the topic.