Open Access Agreement for Crue & CSIC in Spain

Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (Crue) and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have agreed for a Transformative Agreement with Springer Nature. Both Crue & CSIC are directed towards giving impetus to open science. This will help researchers to publish their work in open access journals. 

This Transformative Agreement will represent a significant enhancement for the visibility and impact of Spanish research. We are very proud that Crue & CSIC has entered a Transformative Agreement with Springer Nature.

Read the institutional guide to learn more

Authors belonging to an eligible institution connected to Crue & CSIC are able to publish open access articles in subscription journals that offer the fully open access option (Open Choice) and the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY and CC BY-NC). The article processing charge is covered by the Spanish Institutions within the Spanish national Crue & CSIC agreement.

This agreement also includes access to more than 2,200 of Springer´s subscription journals, at no extra cost to readers and users connected to Crue & CSIC.

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