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In January 2024, two new transformative journals, Nature Cities and Nature Chemical Engineering, and a review journal Nature Reviews Electrical Engineering will join the Nature Portfolio, providing a venue for cross-disciplinary research in the natural, applied, and social sciences.

Like all Nature Portfolio journals, these titles will be managed by professional editors overseeing the careful selection, commissioning, fair and rigorous peer review, accurate editing, rapid publication and broad dissemination of primary research and commissioned content. As a result, the Nature Journals present the most up-to-date and innovative original research. At the same time, the Nature Reviews title will summarize and highlight the most impactful research providing context and connection.

High quality journals due to unique in-house editorial team

Due to the time needed to evaluate each manuscript, commission reviews, and provide excellent author service, all Nature Portfolio journals have professional in-house editorial teams which are entirely independent. The editors are all trained scientists, completely dedicated to championing and representing their field within the journal they work for. They retain close ties to the community, staying in touch with researchers, prioritizing time out in the field and focusing on the significance of the research.

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William Burnside, PhD

Chief Editor Nature Cities

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Thomas Dursch, PhD

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Olga Bubnova, PhD

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