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Nano is the Nature Research solution for nanoscience and technology offering the most comprehensive collection of nanomaterial data, machine-learned indexes of nanotechnology-related articles from leading publishers and one-click access to nano-related patents

Ideal for:

All research institutions aiming to support productivity in the fast growing field of nanotechnology by offering the largest collection of nanomaterial data


Over 310,000 manually curated summaries of nanomaterials and devices from top-peer reviewed journals, 850,000+ nanotechnology-related articles and 24 million+ nano-relevant patents


No continuing access or archival rights, no local loading




  • SpringerMaterials subscription

    Complete access to the entire database including the prestigious Landolt-Börnstein book series, MSI Eureka, and SpringerMaterials Interactive

    Ideal for: All research institutions aiming to increase research productivity in materials science

    Content: With over 290,000 materials and 3,000+ properties in a single platform, SpringerMaterials provides consolidated, multisource data from all major topics in materials science, chemistry, physics, and engineering

    Rights: No archival rights

    Access: Seamless and unlimited access to the entire database during the contract term via IP-Range or seat based model
  • Archive

    SpringerMaterials is pleased to offer two archival data sets: the complete Landolt-Börnstein book series - the most prestigious materials science book collection in the world, and the MSI Eureka database - a comprehensive collection of phase diagrams

    Ideal for: Institutions looking to lower ongoing costs by adding valuable materials science data to their library

    Content: Ownership of archived content up to, but not including the current copyright year

    Rights: Continuing access rights to archival content

    Access: Access only to archival content of years purchased. No access to remaining parts of the platform

    Special note: Each archival purchase entitles the institution to a special discounted subscription price for access to the entire SpringerMaterials platform. Contact your local Springer Nature licensing representative today for your discounted subscription offer.

Terms and conditions apply

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