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We want to support you as information managers for the staff, faculty and researchers in your organization.

Navigating the changing scholarly ecosystem can be a challenge; there’s a lot of information out there. Below we present our researcher services, focused on supporting the publishing life-cycle and the evolving needs of your patrons and strengthening the impact, speed, and quality of their research.

Resources for Authors

For early career researchers and experienced published authors, these services illuminate and support the publication workflow. Your authors can find tools for preparing research for publication, insights and assistance in the editorial process, and resources and advice for communicating and extending the reach of the research.

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Resources for Editors


Editors are champions for their disciplines and custodians of the scientific record, working to build successful journals and conferences for their respective communities. They help ensure that our authors’ work commands the highest levels of quality and trust. Our editor services give insight not just to those on editorial boards, but for those interested in the editorial policies of our journals or in becoming an editor themselves.

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Resources for Reviewers

Peer review is at the heart of the research process. Academics generously dedicate their time to examine each other’s work, offer much-valued constructive criticism and improve the published article. Whether an early career researcher interested in the review process, or an experienced peer reviewer, these services aim to make this role easier, more effective, and more enjoyable.

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Offering everything from career advice to providing insight and discussion on publishing in the academic world, The Source is an engaging and informational blog relevant to the research community across all fields. 



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