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2021 Springer take-overs


Springer is pleased to announce 12 take-over journals for 2021.

Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine

ISSN: 1481-8043
eISSN: 1481-8035

Das österreichische Gesundheitswesen ÖKZ

ISSN: 0472-5530    
eISSN: 2730-7271

Indian Journal of History of Science

ISSN: 0019-5235
eISSN: 2454-9991

Journal of Materials Research

ISSN: 0884-2914
eISSN: 2044-5326

MRS Advances

eISSN: 2059-8521

MRS Bulletin

ISSN: 0883-7694
eISSN: 1938-1425

MRS Communications

eISSN: 2159-6867

MRS Energy and Sustainability

eISSN: 2329-2237

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

eISSN: 1474-9092

Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy

ISSN: 0370-0046
eISSN: 2454-9983

Sampling Theory, Signal Processing, and Data Analysis

ISSN: 2730-5716
eISSN: 2730-5724


ISSN: 2224-0055    
eISSN: 2730-7298

2019 - 2020 take-over

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2020 take-overs
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