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Interview: Librarian Nobuko Saito

Name: Nobuko Saito (Ms.)
Job title: Librarian
Based in: Tokushima Research Institute, Japan

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is one of the leading companies in the pharma industry in Japan. Founded in Tokushima, Japan, in 1964, the company today provides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products around the world.

Could you tell us a little about yourself, your role and focus?

General library duties, ordering and signing the contract of eJournals. Management of the electronic contents.

How do you go about choosing content for the library/information center?

We take requests and recommendations from employees, as well as our own surveys etc.

Who are the users of the research content?

All employees who are involved in the research and development.

What are some of the unique ways you build relationships and connect with staff members finding out what they need?

I try to respond as sincerely as possible for the users’ questions. Also, in order to find out their needs, I do an annual survey and see what they wish to read.

How do you promote library/information center? What is the most effective way to reach the staff members?

I hold seminars regarding new databases and so on at least once a year.

What challenges have you encountered in your daily work?

There were times I had to limit subscriptions for budgetary reasons.

Do you have any tips for librarians and information managers?

I believe it is important to make an effort to make the upper management understand the necessity of the library as well as to build a trusted relationship with the users.

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