New launches for 2019

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Three new titles have joined the Nature Research portfolio: Nature Machine Intelligence, Nature Metabolism and Nature Reviews Physics. These new journals expand the portfolio to serve and respond to rapidly growing scientific communities, particularly in multidisciplinary research and research aimed at solving our most pressing societal challenges.

Below you will find more information about why these journals are launched, the in-house editorial team and why you should add these journals to your license. If you want to request a product trial, receive a quote, or more information for your organization, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.


Exciting new applications are emerging for intelligent machines and software, with the availability of large datasets, substantial computing power and breakthroughs in algorithms. Nature Machine Intelligence will publish research that underpins artificial intelligence and robotics, exploring how these advances will lead to the next phase of the digital age.

Metabolism research is growing, due to the great urgency to learn how metabolic pathways influence diseases with huge societal impact, such as obesity and diabetes. By publishing top research and fostering the cross-pollination of ideas. Nature Metabolism will publish a range of content types including original research articles and analyses, News&Views, Reviews, Perspectives and Correspondence that elaborate on significant advances in the field.

With close to 20,000 papers published in physics each year, review articles provide an essential resource both for young researchers and experienced scientists interested in the latest developments in physics. Nature Reviews Physics is a new online-only journal offering curated, accessible technical reference and other review-type articles essential for advancing science.