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By: Caitlin Cricco, Thu Feb 28 2019
Caitlin Cricco

Author: Caitlin Cricco

Selected content from top used Automotive content - 
Free access is available until April 27th, 2019

In an increasingly competitive market, rapidly evolving with the addition of new disruptive technologies, it is more critical than ever that you have access to the latest research. Springer Nature gives you rapid access to peer reviewed original content in academic research journals, industry magazines and book collections. 

We have put together a free virtual issue on research and development in the automotive industry with selected articles and chapters. The virtual issue includes top read articles from leading industry magazines such as MTZ worldwide and ATZ worldwide, and top downloaded chapters from key book titles in 2018. Get access now and find key research and development around the world.

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Caitlin Cricco

Author: Caitlin Cricco

Caitlin Cricco is a Senior Content Marketing Manager on the Institutional Marketing team, based in the New York office. She works closely with Product, Sales, and Editorial to grow awareness of Springer Nature brands and product lines within the corporate and health market place.

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