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By: Guest contributor, Mon Apr 25 2022

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Money makes the world go round. Questions about how it flows, who gets what, and what it is used for fundamentally affect the lives of everyone on the planet – and indeed the future of the planet itself. It is hard to think of any aspect of human society that is untouched by economics and finance.

The Springer eBook Collection in Economics & Finance brings together top quality research across the whole field, from the hard, analytical world of econometrics to subtle, critical evaluations of economic history, from studies of the behaviour of individual economic actors or financial markets, to the wide-ranging macro sphere of global economies and public finance. The collection also comprises exciting, interdisciplinary research across the United Nations’ SDGs, particularly as they look at economic growth and inequality.

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Connecting with Authors and Editors around the World

We are a truly international publisher, serving the research community around the globe. With hubs throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific we are perfectly positioned to connect with our book authors and editors wherever they are located. Our global base of editorial staff is located in cities such as New York, London, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore, Melbourne and São Paulo. They constantly travel to scientific meetings and universities to connect with the research community.

Notable Authors

  • Nobel Prize laureate Paul Krugman, City University of New York, USA
  • Bruno S. Frey, Center for Research in Economics and Well-Being, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University, USA
  • Keijiro Otsuka, Kobe University, Japan

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Stephen Partridge is Editorial Director for Business, Economics and Finance at Palgrave Macmillan, heading up a team of seven experienced and talented editors in London and New York. His team publishes worth that applies Palgrave Macmillan’s heritage of almost two centuries as a leading publisher in the social sciences and humanities to contemporary global challenges. Prior to joining Palgrave Macmillan in 2014, Stephen worked in a variety of roles all centred around the practical application of academically rigorous research, including as an editor on the UK’s most prestigious legal encyclopaedia, and six years as the editor of the Financial Times Management list of business books.

Worldwide Authors

Worldwide authors


Author: Guest contributor

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