Modern Librarians: Corporate Superheroes

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s modern librarians—the superheroes of research, product development, and data driven decision-making at companies across all industries. We know how valuable you are to your company and how your efforts lead to increased innovation and revenue. That's why we based our SXSW Virtual Session on Modern Librarians and all your super powers! Watch that session, along with others, and scroll through this page for a collection of resources curated specifically for corporate librarians. 

Also, because we want to do more to help you show off your super powers within your organization and connect with each other and with us, be sure to take our poll!

Arming corporate librarians with tools, tactics and strategies

Episode 1: Experts from 3M’s Knowledge Discovery & Analytics Group: Exploring the Roles Information Professionals Can Play in TDM Initiatives                                                          

Listen now to our interview with Jonnie Hauswirth, Rachel Wangerin and Jennifer Nelson from 3M’s Knowledge Discovery & Analytics Group talk about their roles in TDM initiatives and how they’ve raised awareness — and gained recognition — for their team by applying their unique expertise to help develop creative solutions for their users.

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Episode 2: Robin Padilla from Springer Nature: TDM Projects Taking Place at SN, and the Ways that Information and KM Professionals Can Contribute Strategically to TDM Projects in their Organization          

Listen now to our interview with Springer Nature’s Robin Padilla, Director of Product Management for Data and Analytics Solutions, as he talks about the TDM initiatives that Springer Nature has been developing for clients as well as for internal projects.

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Episode 3: Sanofi: How Information Professionals Can Empower their End Users to Improve Information Functions     

Listen now to our interview with Lella Dal Ferro, Information Resources Coordinator with the Scientific Intelligence Platform of the R&D Efficiency and Portfolio Management Group at Sanofi Pasteur, as she talks about the changes in expectations and needs of end users and the work she does to keep them productive.

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Episode 4: Oracle: Tools, Tactics and Strategies to provide high-quality end user access                                                       

Listen now to our interview with Christy Confetti Higgins, Manager of Oracle’s Virtual Information and Learning Services Team, along with Senior Cybrarian Scott Brown, as they talk about the tools, tactics and strategies their team of five use to provide high-quality end user access and training to 135,000 employees around the globe.

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Episode 5: UCB Part 1: Working with Decision Makers in Digital Transformation: How IP Can Increase their Connections and Influence with Decision Makers

Listen now to our interview with Andrew Clark, Manager of UCB’s Scientific Information and Intelligence Team, as he talks about how he has positioned his department and its capabilities with the most senior people in the organization during an important period of evolution. 

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Episode 6: UCB Part 2: Reaching Decision Makers: New Approaches to Communication                                                                

Listen now to our interview with Barbara Reissland, an Information Scientist who supports UCB’s Scientific Information and Intelligence Team, as she talks about the innovative ways she communicates with senior stakeholders around the team’s digital and data capabilities.

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