Modern Librarians: Corporate Superheroes

Springer Nature is your partner in showing your super powers

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s modern librarians—the superheroes of research, product development, and data driven decision-making at companies across all industries. We know how valuable you are to your company and how your efforts lead to increased innovation and revenue. That's why we based our SXSW Virtual Session on Modern Librarians and all your super powers! Watch that session, along with others, and scroll through this page for a collection of resources curated specifically for corporate librarians. 

Also, because we want to do more to help you show off your super powers within your organization and connect with each other and with us, be sure to take our poll!

Webinars Just for You

Challenges facing info teams

Watch Our SXSW Session

Organization, Discovery, and Output: A Knowledge Manager's Role in the Tech Landscape

Text & Data Mining and Knowledge Management

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