Account Development

At Springer Nature we recognise that providing the most personalised, up-to-date ROI information helps to make your life easier when it comes to assessing which products are most valuable to your portfolio. We offer a range of services to help you inform your purchasing decisions and encourage usage.

With our dedicated account development approach, we support you to get improved insights on your account and your Springer Nature product portfolio. 

What can Account Development do for me?

Offer advice: which content is most relevant to my users? How can I boost usage in my library? How will my content be discovered?

Provide support and promotion: Implementation and discoverability support, in-depth usage and denial statistics, special promotion and training.

Analyze and optimize: explore your library's ROI opportunities, review your account together to identify and address usage.

Improve account insights: share publishing and industry innovations and hot topics that allow you prove the value and impact of your purchasing choices.

Collaboration Case Studies

5 ways to get more from your journal subscriptions

With a significant amount of library budget invested in journal subscriptions it is vital to achieve a strong return on this investment, as well as demonstrating the impact this content has on the overall performance of your institution. With a strong correlation between the use of e-journals and the number of papers published and research grants awarded (, 2018), every library needs to ensure that the content it has invested in is highly discoverable and widely used. With all that in mind, here are some of the most effective ways to improve journal discovery and usage at your institution.

Partnering with the University of Liverpool to support the research cycle

Following a successful Nature Research journal publishing session in her library, Sarah Roughley, Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of Liverpool, talks to us about creating engaging events that address the needs of researchers, and her perception of the Publisher’s role in helping librarians deliver insights and tutorials to their users.

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