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A premier collection of drug-focused journals and newsletters across the medical, biomedical and pharmacological areas.

Adis is a reputable publisher providing unique and valued content to its readers. The Adis journals portfolio hosts a set of unique titles with highlights setting them apart from their competitors. The journals are all peer reviewed; many with expert in-house Editors-in-Chief overseeing the quality of the articles being published.

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Practical and time saving: Adis Journals

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A leading provider of drug information offering authoritative, reviews of complex clinical and specialist data. Save time with Adis review articles that summarize complex and broad topics as well as cutting-edge original research in all therapy areas. An invaluable source of information for anyone involved in medical research, practice or teaching, drug regulation or reimbursement, or any part of the pharmaceutical industry.

Trusted and relevant: Adis Drug Reviews

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The Adis Drug Review program aims to provide readers with the most important and clinically relevant information on the properties of new and established drugs. The program covers all therapeutic areas. Adis Drug Reviews are written by a specialist in-house team and rigorously peer reviewed by international experts. A trusted resource for healthcare practitioners for more than 40 years.

Up to the moment: Adis Newsletters

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Adis offers two specialist newsletters, to keep you informed on latest developments in the fields of Drug Safety and PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes Research. Reactions Weekly offers summaries of the world's adverse drug reaction news and adverse drug reaction case reports. PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News gives insight in health economics featuring latest news in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.

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