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By: Guest contributor, Mon Apr 4 2022

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In line with research and governmental funding, the main focus of this Springer Nature eBook collection is (human) health and all the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The research reported is often supported by major organizations such as the United Nations, National Science Foundation, World Health Organization, National Institutes for Health and European Union, while the authors and editors are truly international and represent the top research institutes in the world. With over 700 new titles publishing each year, this collection encompasses a diverse range of topics and specialisms all of which have the common goal of contributing to the health of life on Earth.

Read an interview with Paul Roos to learn more about the program.

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Connecting with Authors and Editors around the World

We are a truly international publisher, serving the research community around the globe. With hubs throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific we are perfectly positioned to connect with our book authors and editors wherever they are located. Our global base of editorial staff is located in cities such as New York, London, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore, Melbourne and São Paulo. They constantly travel to scientific meetings and universities to connect with the research community.

Notable Authors

  • Robert J. Kurman, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
  • Marina K Baine, Yale School of Medicine, USA
  • Roderick Duncan MacLeod, The University of Sydney School of Medicine, Australia
  • Ripudaman Malhotra, Malhotra Energy Consultancy
  • Tsukamoto Katsumi, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Paul Roos © Springer Nature 2022
About the Author

Dr. Paul Roos, joined Springer back in 1992. Started his career as a Mathematics publisher of book and journals. He is now responsible for the Springer books program in Life Science and Biomedicine.  

Naren Aggarwal © Springer Nature 2022

Naren Aggarwal joined Springer company in 2011 as an executive editor and managed a portfolio of journals and books in clinical medicine, mostly working with the research community based in India. Besides acquiring new journals, he set up the book acquisitions program building up on his networks and understanding of the medical books. His responsibilities expanded to manage journals and books in the entire Asia from 2017. Later, he moved exclusively into book program managing clinical medicine as well as biomedicine and life sciences. He has editorial teams in four locations in Asia, China, Japan, Korea and India. Major regions covered by him are the Middle-East, South Asia, Central Asia and Australia-NZ. His teams’ major work lies in setting up co-publishing partnerships, develop content on SDGs, and commission books in the top growing disciplines. Some key areas covered in the life sciences program are cancer biology, neurosciences, genomics, soil sciences, sustainable agri-practices, urban ecosystems, fisheries, and veterinary medicine. Radiology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, pathology, oncology and onco-surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and intensive and critical care are some of the key subjects in the medicine program.

Susan Safren © Springer Nature 2022

Susan Safren started her career as an editorial assistant, then editor, for a well-established proceedings program. She then moved on to publishing food science titles with a core of upper-level undergraduate textbooks. She is now the Editorial Director for Life Sciences (including Biomedicine) in the Americas.

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Worldwide Authors

Worldwide authors


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