Tracking progress

Tracking and reporting in Snapp

Snapp has a number of tracking and reporting capabilities that allow you to view the status of individual submissions and help you prioritise tasks on the submissions assigned to you.

If you are a Lead Editor, you also have oversight of all submissions to your journal and ways to identify those that may need attention.

The Submissions tab

To check the status of a submission, go to the 'Submissions' tab.

For each submission you can see the following information:

  • assigned editor
  • editorial stage, for example 'Reviewers accepted'
  • number of reviewers invited
  • number of reviewers that accepted or declined to review
  • number of reports submitted

Submission details

You can view more detail by selecting the individual submission. 

This includes:

  • reviewer information
  • reports received and decisions
  • history of the submission
  • discussion about the submission

Using the Discussion tool

  • From the ‘Submission details’ page, select the ‘Discussion’ tab
  • You can view other comments made by editors already, and you can post your own comments
  • You can also mention other editors and upload files

If an Editor is tagged in a comment they will receive a notification in the system.

The Analytics tab

Some editors will have permission to see an additional Analytics tab.

This tab contains information including:

  • How many submissions have been received
  • How many submissions have been accepted or rejected
  • Average turnaround times
  • Which stage of the process active submissions are at
  • Turnaround times and decisions by editors