Making a decision

Assessing reviewer reports

After peer review, you may know how you want to proceed with the manuscript. If you don't have permissions to make the decision, your recommendation is passed to the lead editor.

Requesting a revision

  • Select 'Request revision' from the menu
  • Customise the email template with your comments and requests

When the author has submitted their revised manuscript, this appears as a new task on your 'Tasks' list.

Accepting the manuscript

  • Select the option 'Accept'
  • Customise the email template and send your congratulations

Once the decision to accept a manuscript has been made, it is sent directly to production for processing and publication.

Before accepting:

  • Check that authors have made all the changes to the manuscript that were requested
  • Make sure you're happy with the version being accepted - this can't be changed once it's been sent to production

Rejecting the manuscript

If the manuscript isn't appropriate for your journal you can reject it. Authors are given the option to transfer to another journal through our Transfer Desk

If a transfer isn't appropriate, select 'No, do not transfer submission'.