Research integrity

Research integrity and Snapp

Snapp supports Springer Nature’s commitment to research integrity:

  • Authors are asked to enter declarations in dedicated fields during submission, ensuring these are provided and can be made clearly available for our editors and reviewers. This includes competing interests, author contributions and data availability statements.
  • Automation supports technical checks carried out on every submission. Checks include verifying the completeness of the manuscript and the inclusion of ethics and consent declarations if applicable to the work.
  • Integration with iThenticate to detect plagiarism, including a recommendation to editors indicating that it is ok to proceed or, if there are high levels of similarity to published work or similarity in key sections, that the iThenticate report should be reviewed by editors before taking the manuscript to the next stage.
  • Conflicts of interest of potential reviewers are identified using publication data. These reviewers are filtered out in our reviewer finder tool, and conflicts are prominently identified if editors choose to view potential reviewers that have potential conflicts.

Davinya Higgins, Global Programme Manager JEO, introduces Springer Nature’s commitment to research integrity, transparency and reproducibility. She explains how the Journals Editorial Office and Snapp support this commitment to ensure submissions are complete and, as an editor, you have everything you need.

Publishing ethics for journals

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