Finding reviewers

We support you in finding reviewers by using an intelligent, AI-powered search to make sure you find the right people. 

Reviewer Finder has access to over 6 million researcher profiles, including the last 5 years of reviewer data from previous systems. It also runs automatic conflict of interest checks and provides information on these.

You can:

  • invite more reviewers than you need. Once the number of reviewers you need have accepted the invitation, we will let the other invited reviewers know they are no longer needed if they try to accept.
  • select the timeline within which you would like reviewers to return their reports. You can choose a deadline of 1 to 100 days. The reviewer will be reminded to submit their report at the midway point and 2 days before the deadline.
  • track whether they have accepted the invitation on the submission overview provided in the 'Tasks' and 'Submissions' dashboards.

We send automated reminders to reviewers, both to accept invitations and to complete their reviews.

How to find reviewers

  1. Select 'Find and and invite reviewers' on your dashboard
  2. Choose the number of reviewers you need to accept the invitation
  3. Click 'Search for reviewers'
  4. Review results and refine the search
  5. Shortlist potential reviewers
  6. Invite reviewers

How to manage reviewers

  1. At any time during the peer review process, you can view the status of a submission in the 'Submissions' dashboard
  2. Here, you can see information on the shortlisted, invited and accepted reviewers
  3. You can message any invited or accepted reviewer by clicking on the ‘Message reviewer’ link