Leadership in the Library

Academic libraries are under pressure. Not only are they operating in a rapidly changing digital environment, but they are also facing major challenges in terms of resources. Added to that, the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have made their lives even more difficult. The question now is how do they best steer a course through these challenging times, and what do they need to do this? The answer is, of course, leadership. 

Bringing together librarians and leadership experts, the white paper addresses the challenges and solutions of leadership through change, and provides support and practical advice for librarians in any stage of their career. And listen to the panel discussion on how leadership skills are vital for libraries to survive and flourish.

"A growth mindset is essential for library leaders - without this, change and innovation cannot happen. You need risk-taking, and to be courageous"

- Shin Freedman, author of Becoming a Library Leader

Download the white paper & watch the panel discussion

Librarian Leadership in the virtual age

A panel of librarians and leadership experts discussing how leadership skills are vital for libraries to survive and flourish and offering practical advice and insights into the positive impact of effective leadership practices.

With Jane Harvell, Library Director at University of Sussex; Shin Freedman, Librarian at Framingham State University and Author of "Becoming a Library Leader" and Nancy Roberts, CEO, Management in Publishing, Ralf Schimmer from MPDL and Stephen Pinfield from University of Sheffield. Read the full summery of the discussion here.