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A series of live and recorded educational, online talks and interviews, designed for librarians. We aim to help librarians and informational professionals gain insight into emerging new information technologies and expert opinion from their peers and publishers on some of the most pressing and relevant issues faced by librarians today.

Webinars: often hosted in collaboration with organizational partners and the broader community, our webinars are free to attend and include lively Q&As at the end of each session - all you need is an internet connection and access to a telephone or computer headset. 

Podcasts: Explore our growing series of educational and collaborative podcast, including tutorials and interviews designed to keep you up to date on news, trends and developments in publishing and technology, as they happen.

Upcoming Webinars

How the pandemic has changed authentication and access

About the webinar

An update on the way in which researchers institutionally authenticating to our websites has changed during the pandemic, over time and in different locations

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was overwhelmingly common for researchers to authenticate via IP address to access institutional subscriptions on Springer Nature websites. That behaviour changed dramatically with the onset of the pandemic, as researchers in many countries quickly transitioned to working from home. Researchers now use a constellation of different methods in greater numbers to authenticate, including persisted access, Google Scholar CASA, and federated access.

Join us on Tuesday, 9th March 2021, for our webinar session aimed at Europe, India and Asia time zones and on Tuesday, 16th March 2021, for our Americas session. Both sessions will be presented by Digital Product Manager, Laird Barrett who will explore the change in authentication and access over time and across the world (with examples from different countries), and find out more about our plans this year to continue to ease authentication and access for researchers during the pandemic.

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Guest speaker Laird Barrett is a Senior Product Manager at the Product & Platform Group at Springer Nature

He is the Product Manager for the Identity Team, which provides authentication services for our websites, such as Nature, SpringerLink and BioMedCentral. He is a former member of the SeamlessAccess Governance Committee, currently a member of the GetFTR Board of Directors, and helped to shape Springer Nature’s ongoing partnership with ResearchGate.

Best Practices in defining a Collection Development Strategy and Evaluating Business Models for eBooks

About the webinar

Join us Wednesday 10th March 2021 for our webinar where our guest librarian speaker and a former digital preservation manager, join Springer Nature’s Senior eBook Product Manager, Wouter van der Velde for talks on best practices in defining a collection development strategy and the evaluation of eBook business models offered by various publishers. Hear how to implement cost-effective eBook purchasing options that meet the needs of faculty, researchers and students, and ultimately provides you control and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your end users at your institution/college/school. This webinar will spotlight the evaluation of various business models offered by publishers, which offer a range of options such as variable concurrent user rates, discovery-related support, ongoing or limited time access models, variations in user allowances, and more.

Wouter van der Velde

Guest speaker: Wouter van der Velde, Senior Manager Books Solutions Portfolio, Research Sales at Springer Nature, Germany

Wouter will present his talk across the following key topics: defining a collection development strategy, the evaluation of business models offered by publishers, the reduction of costs by pooling resources, reviewing acquisitions policies, integrating collections and boosting discovery, promoting eBooks to library users, digital preservation, and evaluation of eBooks.

Database Training Webinars

AdisInsight: How to find the information you need

Angela Panetta
Daniela Ranzani, M.Sc.

About the webinar

AdisInsight is a scientifically focused, integrated database of information about drug development, clinical trials, adverse events, commercial deals, and patents.

These sessions will be hosted by a member of our expert Product team - Angela Panetta or Daniela Ranzani, M.Sc. They will show you:

  • What AdisInsight is and how it can benefit you
  • How to use the Search function to find the information you need
  • How to use some of the clever features of the site

Nano: How to find the information you need for your research

Dr Pranoti Kshirsagar
Dr Rong Ju

About the webinar

Nano is the database with the most comprehensive collection of nanomaterial data and literature references in the world. It contains summaries of 310,000+ Nanomaterials, 860,000+ Nanotechnology articles, and 24,000,000+ Nanotechnology patents.

These sessions will be hosted by a member of our expert Product team - Dr Pranoti Kshirsagar or Dr Rong Ju. They will show you:

  • What Nano is and how it can benefit you
  • How to use the Search function to find the information you need
  • How to find specific summaries, articles and patents
  • How to use some of the clever features on the platform

SpringerMaterials: How to find the information you need for your research

Evelyn Ramforth, M.Sc.
Dr Rong Ju

About the webinar

SpringerMaterials is the largest curated materials science database in the world, covering 290,000+ materials and 3,000+ physical and chemical properties in a single platform.

These sessions will be hosted by a member of our expert Product team - Evelyn Ramforth, M.Sc or Dr Rong Ju. They will cover:

  • What SpringerMaterials is and how it can support your research
  • How to find materials' properties data using SpringerMaterials
  • Practical examples

Springer Nature Experiments: How to find the protocols & methods you need

Robin Padilla, Ph.D.
Dr Sarada Ramachandran
Dr Satyavati Kharde

About the webinar

Springer Nature Experiments helps users find and evaluate protocols and methods in the life sciences. It contains 65,000+ articles from SpringerProtocols, Nature Protocols and Nature Methods: 

These sessions will be hosted by a member of our expert Product team - Robin Padilla, Ph.D, Dr Sarada Ramachandran or Dr Sayavati Kharde. They will show you: 

  • What Springer Nature Experiments is and how it can help you
  • How to search and filter your keywords 
  • How to evaluate the content and access the information you need 
  • How to navigate across different protocols and method content 
  • How to use Antibody pages for your experiments

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In this 4-part podcast series, Laird Barrett, Digital Product Manager at Springer Nature joins Heather Flanagan, Program Director at SeamlessAccess.org, to discuss a range of topics: what is SeamlessAccess, how it benefits end-users, what drove Springer Nature to become the first academic publisher to implement SeamlessAccess on Nature.com, why librarians are raising privacy concerns, the difference between SeamlessAccess and GetFTR, and more.

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