Explore helpful information regarding accessing and using your COUNTER usage statistics from Springer Nature.  After logging into the Springer Nature Librarian Portal, you will be able to choose which type of usage report you prefer to access.

Springer Nature Librarian Portal

Release 4

We are compliant with COUNTER release 4, and will continue to provide COUNTER 4 reports via the Librarian Portal at least until the end of 2020.

Which COUNTER 4 reports are available?



  • BR2: Book chapter downloads by month 
  • BR3: Book chapter denials by month
  • BR2: Springer Protocols book chapter downloads by month 
  • BR3: Springer Protocols book chapter denials by month
  • JR1: Journal article downloads by month
  • JR1 GOA: Gold Open Access article downloads by month
  • JR2: Journal article denials by month
  • JR5: Journal article downloads by Year of Publication
  • DB1: Search, ResultClick, ResultView
  • DB2: Denials

Release 5

As of January 2020, the first iteration of COUNTER release 5 reports are available. The reports are currently being audited in order to ensure that we comply with the COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5. The COUNTER 5 reports are available to download via the Springer Nature Librarian Portal, but please keep in mind that there may be some discrepancies in the data during this time. We will endeavor to identify and fix any bugs as soon as possible.

Which COUNTER 5 reports are available?

The Title Master Report and its Standard views are available for SpringerLink and  nature.com content. The Platform Master Report and Database Master Report will be available at a later date.

Standard views:



  • TR_B1Book Requests (Excluding OA_Gold)
  • TR_B2Book Access Denied
  • TR_B3Book Usage by Access Type
  • TR_J1Journal Requests (Excluding OA_Gold)
  • TR_J2Journal Access Denied
  • TR_J3Journal Usage by Access Type
  • TR_J4Journal Requests by YOP (Excluding OA_Gold)


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