Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly advancing and controversial topics in scientific research. Escalating computing power, expanding data sets, and algorithms of unprecedented sophistication have led to a massive increase in the number of journal and conference papers referring to AI in recent years. Using AI has enabled efficient research and many examples of its usefulness for academic and industrial development have emerged. 

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Nature Machine Intelligence and other AI focussed journals

Nature Machine Intelligence

Nature Machine Intelligence publishes high-quality original research and reviews in a wide range of topics in machine learning, robotics and AI.  It also explores and discusses the significant impact that these fields are beginning to have on other scientific disciplines as well as many aspects of society and industry. There are countless opportunities where machine intelligence can augment human capabilities and knowledge in fields such as scientific discovery, healthcare, medical diagnostics and safe and sustainable cities, transport and agriculture. At the same time, many important questions on ethical, social and legal issues arise, especially given the fast pace of developments. Nature Machine Intelligence provides a platform to discuss these wide implications — encouraging a cross-disciplinary dialogue — with Comments, News Features, News & Views articles and also Correspondence.