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A series of live and recorded educational, online talks and interviews, designed for librarians. We aim to help librarians and informational professionals gain insight into emerging new information technologies and expert opinion from their peers and publishers on some of the most pressing and relevant issues faced by librarians today.

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SN Experiments: How to find the protocols and methods you need for your research

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Tune into this webinar led by Dr. Sarada Ramachandran and Dr. Satyavati Kharde and learn how to find the protocols and methods you need for your research.

The webinar takes place on the following dates:

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Discover our evolving series of educational and collaborative podcasts, including tutorials and interviews designed for the librarian community. 


In this 4-part podcast series, Laird Barrett, Digital Product Manager at Springer Nature joins Heather Flanagan, Program Director at SeamlessAccess.org, to discuss a range of topics: what is SeamlessAccess, how it benefits end-users, what drove Springer Nature to become the first academic publisher to implement SeamlessAccess on Nature.com, why librarians are raising privacy concerns, the difference between SeamlessAccess and GetFTR, and more.

Episode 1: A New Experience of Federated Access: What Is SeamlessAccess?

Learn what SeamlessAccess is, learn why it is appealing to end users, and why did Springer Nature to become the first academic publisher to implement SeamlessAccess on Nature.com?

Episode 2: Alleviating Researcher Pain: What is SeamlessAccess?

What are the current roadblocks hampering authentication services in order to put the researcher needs first? What are the challenges facing libraries and the campus IT departments?

Episode 3: Clearing Up Misconceptions: What Is Seamless Access?

SeamlessAccess was welcomed with praise, but librarians have voiced privacy concerns. Learn how this service is truly about the identity discovery process and find out what the biggest misconceptions are.

Episode 4: Connecting Publishers and Libraries: What Is SeamlessAccess?

In this final podcast episode we address privacy concerns and offer publisher insights on how end-users use devices, the differing regional views of federated authentication, and a standardized, transparent practice for data collection.

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