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Unlocking the power of text and data mining: Four ways TDM facilitates transformative discovery

Text & Data Mining is a powerful tool for extracting valuable insights from the vast amount of scientific data that is available to researchers today. But how can TDM really help you? TDM allows you and your researchers to cut through the noise for faster discovery of peer-reviewed information to advance science.

In this report, Mary Ellen Bates presents three customer use cases in the Life Sciences & Pharma industry. Read real-life examples of how TDM has helped companies access information they could not find anywhere else, and how partnering with Springer Nature can help your company innovate and make informed decisions.

“We have developed processes that allow these documents to become more dynamic and more organic, where they can actually communicate with each other.”

Steve Cohen, CEO, Electric Effect

“We want to have the best possible data to help researchers, so we need access to both the highest number of scientific publications and the highest quality data.”

Andrew Chalmers, CEO, CiteAb

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