The Synthesis Collection of Technology

New to Springer Nature in 2022, the Synthesis Collection of Technology provides coverage of leading edge topics across the fields of Engineering and Computer Science. Books in this collection are based on techniques, reviews and course notes and defined as “lectures”. These are short, focused books, consisting of around 75-150 pages, bridging the gap between a journal article and an average book. These books tend to have rapid development cycles, publishing research on hot topics as soon as these emerge.

Besides emerging topics, Synthesis books also contain principles, fundamentals, methods, models and applications containing practical, accessible information on recent innovations in fast-moving research areas. All books are written by prestigious authors from around the world.

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Boasting 1100+ books, the Synthesis Collection of Technology offers a rich mix of book types for all user groups: students, researchers and practising engineers. Making it an unparalleled resource to enable research and learning. All books are available without DRM, making them accessible simultaneously by an unlimited number of users