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Access to Springer Nature content can be licensed on an annual basis through a single agreement for all platforms, including SpringerLink and A current licence provides both current access and continuing access to all material published during your licence supply period.

A Springer Nature licence is available to academic institutions, governments and corporations and is purchased by everyone from small colleges on a single site to global organizations with multiple locations. Tailored licensing options are based on the population served and its research intensity.

We also work with consortia of various types and sizes and welcome discussion with all consortium managers. A consortium should consist of at least five member institutions. The benefits for the consortium include discounts on list price. Members have the flexibility to select the publications they want to include, or Springer Nature can work with the consortium to create customised packages.



Flexible purchasing

A license model that allows your institution to select the titles most suitable to your users, in the formats you require, with pricing based on your FTE count.

Accessible for all institution types
Including but not limited to Corporations, Academic institutions, Government and public libraries, Consortia groups, and Hospitals.

International access
Licenses offering international access are available.

COUNTER-compliant usage reports
Consistent, credible and compatible usage reports are provided for all Springer Nature publications, conforming to the international code of practice. Find out more.

Remote access authentication
For institutions with non-static IP ranges, accesss can be authenticated using TOKENS as well as industry standard solutions from ATHENS and Shibboleth.

To Users

Desktop access 24/7: Access to full text HTML or PDF articles from every recognized desktop, 24 hours a day.
Mobile-optimized content: Platforms hosting content are equipped with responsive design of headers and menus allows for optimal browsing on a desktop, tablet or phone

Advance Online Publication (AOP): The latest research papers published online up to two months ahead of print publication.

Web feeds (RSS): A very convenient way of staying up to date with the right information, users can tailor their selection of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) web feeds from to keep track of our latest content and to receive the subjects that matter most to them.

Table of Contents e-alerts: Get the latest news and research immediately by signing-up to Table of Contents e-alerts, delivered direct to your inbox.

"Export citation" & "Export references": Valuable services that enable users to download key information into their personal bibliographic databases organize references and images and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly from an article.

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