MARC Records

Increase visibility of your Springer Nature collections 

Why load eBook and eJournal MARC records for Springer Nature titles in your catalogues? Because libraries using MARC records find their Springer Nature eBook and eJournal usage may increase by as much as 50%!

We understand the importance of MARC records and we currently offer two delivery options: records from Springer Nature and records from our partnership with OCLC. To understand the differences, please review the chart below and choose which option best meets your needs. 

MARC records delivery options

MARC records from Springer Nature
MARC records from OCLC
Available for ebooks
Available for ejournals
Frequency of delivery
OCLC Control Number included
Receive MARC record directly from data source
Automatically maintain WorldCat holdings
Automatically receive MARC records that are enriched with subject and MESH Headings as well as additional enhancements made by the library community.NoYes
Automatically receive delete MARC records as titles are removed from the collectionYesYes

*Requires an active OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription.

Get Started with MARC records from Springer Nature

To learn how to load MARC records from Springer Nature please review the Springer Nature MARC records implementation guide.

Get Started with MARC records from OCLC

To learn how to receive MARC records from OCLC and configure automated updates and WorldCat holdings maintenance, please review the instructions available at:

Updating your library catalogue

MARC records & eBook title lists

Download free Springer Nature MARC records, SpringerProtocols MARCs and eBook title lists - updated monthly

MARC implementation guide

Download the manual on how to implement MARC records in your library catalogue

OCLC Control Numbers

Libraries also have the option of downloading the records themselves from WorldCat using lists of OCLC control numbers provided here by Springer Nature and the batch processing capabilities of the OCLC Connexion client cataloging software.

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