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Explore helpful information regarding accessing and using your COUNTER usage statistics from Springer Nature, including FAQs. After logging in, you will be able to choose which type of usage report you prefer to access.

Available COUNTER usage statistics reports

Report typeSpringer Admin
Administration  Account
BR2: Book chapter downloads by month          x        -
BR3: Book chapter denials by month         x        -
JR1: Journal article downloads by month         x        x
JR1 GOA: Gold Open Access article downloads by month         x        x
JR1a: Number of successful article downloads from a Nature or Scientific American archive collection by month         -        x
JR2: Journal article denials by month        x        x
JR3: Journal and Page Type* Reports by month        -        x
JR4: Reports how many internal site searches were made by users for each collection within a calendar month**
        -        x
JR5: Journal article downloads by Year of Publication
        x        x

DB1: Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by month by database***

        x        -
DB2: Access Denied by month, database and category***        x        -

* Page Types are broken down into: Table of Contents, Abstracts, Full Text PDF, Full Text HTML, and Full.

** including saved searches, modified searches, and searches with zero results.

*** available for AdisInsight, Nano and SpringerMaterials.

Additional reports available via

These are a series of additional reports, not required by COUNTER, but made available to help with usage analysis.

  • All usage Report: Year-to-date summary of customer usage for both subscribed and unsubscribed journals.
  • IP address Report: Report of full-text article content for all Nature Research
    journals. The report does not specify whether your institution has access to journals from which articles are viewed
  • Full text article download by IP Report: Report shows exactly which articles have been successfully downloaded from within your IP range each month.
  • Mobile usage by institution: Report allows you to see the number of successful
    article downloads in each title made via mobile device.
  • All Usage Report by Year of Publication: Report enables customers to see the
    number of successful full text article downloads within their institution, by title and year of publication.
  • How many times the different page types were successfully delivered to users for each journal within a calendar month. Text Total.

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