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Making Content Discoverable – Real World Examples & Feedback

As the industry sees a shift in the way users search for content, librarians are in a unique position to influence the discovery process. The challenge facing librarians worldwide is to make the content procured, searchable and accessible. On Wednesday 21st September 2016, Springer Nature presented a 1-hour webinar titled, “How to Make Content Discoverable: Real World Examples and User Feedback”. Guest speakers spoke on discovery from a range of perspectives: Heidi Mikkelsen, Library Specialist at Lundbeck and her support for discovery for 5000+ global FTEs, Robin Neirdorf, Research Director from Jinfo presented worldwide research findings from interview with libraries, and Noah Levin, Metatdata Manager at Springer Nature spoke on the vendor’s involvement in international data standards, MARC records and support for librarians.

Guest speaker, Heidi Mikkelsen, Library Specialist from Lundbeck, presented on the discovery initiatives in their corporate library and company. Heidi is part of a small library group supporting 5000+ FTEs globally. The library position is to make Lundbeck employees independent and able to access a mix of content e-journals and e-books across subscriptions, tokens, packages, document delivery, etc. The average monthly time spent by the library staff administrating discovery tools and library systems is around 50 hours. Some of the key challenges at the library include too little knowledge of user behavior, not a homogenous user pool, various publisher platforms that lack similar standards, as well as how to best define ROI on content usage. Their library is looking to vendors for more standardization, integration of data across systems, better indexing and more.

Findings from research interviews

Guest speaker, Robin Neirdorf, Research Director at Jinfo (formerly Freepint), presented findings from research interviews with 10 global corporate librarians across IT/Software, Healthcare, Hospitals, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical companies on their adoption of eBooks and archives in their libraries. A common theme across these findings included economical savings for digital ebooks to that of the physical collection, high usage once ebooks were adopted, best uses and how eBooks support their FTEs, and how vendors can better support vendors. Additionally her team interviewed corporate end users to gain insights on their experiences and feedback using eBooks in their business and research workflows. Listen to the full webinar

Springer Nature’s working partnerships

Guest speaker, Noah Levin, Metadata Manager at Springer Nature gave an overview on the ways Springer Nature is actively involved in the industry partners, industry standards and with libraries to best support discovery. Springer Nature has dedicated staff participating in industry standards organizations, with the goal to standardize the data and indexing so content is equally and fairly discoverable. Springer Nature is actively working to continually enrich metadata, including the addition of GRID and ORCID identifiers, as well as linked open data and semantic search. Noah discussed Springer Nature’s working partnerships with EBSCO Discovery Service, Proquest Summon, Ex Libris Primo and OCLC Worldcat to ensure that full text data and metadata are being fully indexed to ensure completeness and discoverability. Noah discussed support for librarians with Springer Nature’s free MARC records for all eBooks through its downloader tool the website or through OCLC, as well as the new discovery implementation guide. 

By Kristy Gjertsen | Product Marketing Manager

Listen to the full webinar | Download the slides | More information about Discover Services

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