Spotlight on Cancer Treatment

Webinar about "Innovations & Trends in Oncology"

This webinar includes high impact areas such as revolutionary biomarker-based trial designs, FDA approval of CAR-T-cell therapies, how to turn 'cold' tumours into 'hot' tumours to improve outcomes of immunotherapy, genetics screens in large populations and discussions of newly approved therapies ie PD-1/PDL-1 targeting in bladder cancer. With an additional focus on the Key Advances in Medicine eBook, published in February 2018.

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Peter Kirkpatrick

Chief Editor

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

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Diana Romeo

Chief Editor

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology

White paper on “Biomarkers, mutations and molecular targets”

Is an unique and effective patient-tailored medicine, no matter what cancer type the patient is harbouring, a pipedream or a dawning reality supported by pipeline research and development? 

The white paper explains the link between biomarkers, mutations and molecular targets - using NSCLC as an illustrative example of how biomarkers can aid development decisions and support targeted therapy. 

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Find the right protocol for your lab set-up

SpringerProtocols has the largest number of biomedical and life sciences protocols so researchers can find the right protocol for their lab set-up, without the need to compromise or find workarounds. Browse a selection of protocol eBooks related to Cancer Treatment:

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