Spotlight on Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious and lifelong condition that affects more than 8% of the world’s adult population and it continues to rise. In support of World Diabetes Day, Springer Nature has put together a free virtual issue. It presents some of the latest research from across our journal and book portfolio, highlighting key advances in our understanding of both the causes and treatments of this Global Health issue.

The research covered within this virtual issue includes treatments for Type I and II Diabetes, the effects of Diabetes on Cardiovascular health and the key cardiometabolic risk factors and much more

The virtual issue is freely available to access from 14th November to 14th December, 2018

Precision Diabetes webinar

In this webinar, Dr V. Mohan identifies that today there are over 40 different types of diabetes, each with its own etiopathogenic mechanism and with a differential response to treatment. Precision Diabetes is an attempt to use the phenotypic (and genotypic) data to accurately classify a patient and thereby provide the appropriate treatment. Case studies will also be presented in the webinar about the application of Precision Diabetes in various forms of diabetes. 

Dr V. Mohan has published over 1150 papers spanning everything from peer reviewed journals including original and review articles, invited editorials and textbook chapters on the topic of Diabetes and Internal Medicine.

Future of Insulin webinar

Insulin is a life-saving drug for people with type 1 diabetes. Living with diabetes often results in long-term complications such as damage to eyes, kidneys, heart and the cardiovascular system. Clinical studies demonstrate that intensive insulin therapy can limit the risk of long-term complications but this comes at the cost of acute complications such as severe hypoglycaemia which can lead to further problems. In this webinar, Danny Chou discusses the decades of research efforts towards identifying insulin drugs that provide increased clinical benefits for people with diabetes and future directions towards finding the perfect insulin. 

Danny Chou started off at NTU, and then went to Harvard for his PhD. After Harvard he moved on to MIT, and it is here that Danny started his journey in insulin protein engineering. ​​​​​​

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