MyCopy - Librarians' Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCopy?

MyCopy is a digitally printed book that SpringerLink users with access to Springer Nature’s eBooks can order directly from Springer Nature. Every MyCopy book matches with a corresponding eBook on SpringerLink. Springer Nature will sell the MyCopy book exclusively to individual end customers (library patrons) at £/$/€ 39.99 or ¥4999 including shipping and handling.

Which Springer Nature titles will be available in MyCopy format?

Only Springer Nature titles that are accessible as an eBook on SpringerLink will be available in MyCopy format. All eBooks suitable for digital printing, starting with a page number less than 1200, will be included in the MyCopy offering. All English titles are included.

How do MyCopy books and standard Springer Nature books differentiate?

The design and color of a MyCopy book cover correspond with Springer Nature’s regular print books and eBooks. MyCopy books are branded with a white band at the bottom edge of the front and back cover. This band incorporates the MyCopy wordmark and the SpringerLink logo. The MyCopy visual (Logo and wordmark) is displayed on the book spine.

Unlike Springer Nature’s conventional print books, MyCopy books are always softcover books. The inner work of a MyCopy book is black and white. Hence, all colored parts and illustrations in the interior of regular Springer Nature books and eBooks are monochrome in the MyCopy book. The MyCopy front matter will indicate that MyCopy books:

  • are for individual use only
  • can be cited with the DOI of the corresponding eBook 
  • are offered to the library patron on cooperation with his or her library and that the book is made available to him, because the library bought at least one Springer Nature eBook package.

Why is the inner work of MyCopy books monochrome?

MyCopy is offered at a very competitive, market driven end user price of £ / $/€ 39.99 or ¥4999. At this price point color in the inner work is not feasible. Monochrome illustrations in the MyCopy books are of top quality and will meet the quality standards of the MyCopy customers. Should the MyCopy reader prefer colored illustrations he or she can use the eBook, which can be accessed on SpringerLink. It is clearly indicated on SpringerLink that the MyCopy book has a black and white interior.

Is data going to be released on MyCopy books (for example the MyCopy ISBNS) so that it can be integrated into library OPACs or book store catalogs?

No, Springer Nature will not release any data to libraries or to external parties like VLB, Libri, Nielsen BookData, Amazon, Dawson etc.. MyCopy books are always sold directly from SpringerLink to the library patron and will at no time be distributed to libraries or to resellers/ intermediaries. For this reason there is no need for libraries and book stores to index MyCopy ISBNs in their OPACs or book store catalogs respectively.

When will MyCopy be available?

Springer Nature has launched MyCopy in the USA and Canada, many countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. As shipping options become available, new countries will be added. 

Where can a library patron buy a MyCopy book?

MyCopy books are exclusively available from SpringerLink. They are not going to be sold to libraries or book stores and they will not be offered on other web-based platforms such as Amazon or – only from SpringerLink.

Can libraries order MyCopy books to supplement their own collections?

No, libraries cannot order MyCopy books. MyCopy books are for individual use only and are always and without exception sold directly to the library patron.

Can a library offer the MyCopy order option when it does not subscribe to the full eBook package, but to single ebook packages?

Yes, libraries can offer the MyCopy order option when they subscribe to single eBook packages. The MyCopy offering is not limited to libraries subscribing to the full eBook package. If a library offers the MyCopy order option with single eBook packages their library patrons can only order MyCopy books that correspond with eBooks from those collections.

Will the library patron know that he is buying MyCopy from Springer Nature and not from the library?

Yes, the library patron will know that he or she is buying a MyCopy book directly from Springer Nature. During the order process the MyCopy offering will be explained. The library patron will know that the order process as well as production and delivery of the book are managed by Springer Nature and that the library is not acting as a reseller.

How does the library patron pay for MyCopy?

Customers can pay MyCopy books by credit card or PayPal on SpringerLink. The customer receives a digital invoice after payment has been approved by the credit card company. Only after the payment has been validated the order is processed by Springer Nature and then passed on to a local printer who prints, binds, and drop ships the book.

Can a library patron have the MyCopy book shipped to any location?

No, a library patron cannot have a MyCopy book shipped to any location. MyCopy books will only be delivered to addresses that are located in the same country as the patronized institution.

Can the library patron return the book?

MyCopy books are generally not returnable. If the printing provider drop ships a MyCopy book that does not match with the original order, the library patron can contact Springer Nature’s MyCopy support via email and the desired MyCopy book will be reordered on his or her behalf.