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Companies around the world choose Springer Nature as a trusted source to increase effectiveness, support decision making, accelerate R&D and innovation. Using all types of content like scientific journals, books and databases. You can choose from a wide range of products. 

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Webinars for the R&D community

“Discovery” webinar

Preview a recording of the Springer Nature and Jinfo webinar to get research-based insights on what works, what’s needed, and how information teams are driving progress.

The True Cost of Information: Measuring the ROI of the Information Center

Identifying and communicating the ROI of information services and your information center is always a challenge; we are still competing with “it’s all available for free on the web”. Mary Ellen Bates shares the tools and strategies from the recent white paper she wrote for Springer Nature, The True Cost of Information: Measuring the ROI of the Information Center.


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  • Content is easily accessible from wherever you are located, using any device
  • Flexible business and access models for companies of all sizes
  • Partnerships with renowned scholarly and professional societies
  • Free training for staff members to ensure maximum value
  • Detailed usage reports available anytime to assess ROI
  • Supporting marketing materials to communicate to users

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