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Springer’s philosophy collection is well-known for containing specialized academic work in: phenomenology, philosophy and history of science, logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, linguistic philosophy, bioethics, agricultural ethics, business ethics, political philosophy, as well as philosophy and technology. The religion collection includes books in comparative religion, popular culture and sociology of religion, religion and health, the scientific study of religion, as well as Judaic studies. Novel subjects contained within the philosophy and religion eBook collection include the role of ethics of artificial intelligence and how that affects sustainable development, as well as research on church going affected by the pandemic.

Palgrave’s philosophy and religion program boasts a robust body of global scholarship on a wide range of topics. In addition to a strong focus on the history of analytic philosophy, African American philosophy, ethics, the philosophy of religion, animal studies, and continental philosophy, the collection also includes research on individual thinkers including: Thomasson, Iris Murdoch, Alain Locke, Fethullah Gülen, Jacques Derrida, Wittgenstein and Sbisà. There are books on many highly topical subjects including religion in time of crisis, brain data, free speech, racial politics, gender, technology. In addition, the collection has a strong global perspective with books on comparative East-West virtue ethics, Russian Marxism, environment, sustainable development, and modernity and we are proud to feature a rich body of research from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

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Floor Oosting is Editorial Director for Springer’s global Humanities list, comprising philosophy, logic, linguistics and archeology. She has been working in Publishing for more than 25 years and is based in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

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Vicky Peters is Editorial Director for Palgrave Humanities - Philosophy, Religion and History. She has spent more than a quarter of a century publishing across the humanities, and is based in London.

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Leana Li, Editorial Director the Humanities and Social Sciences, is responsible for the HSS book list from China, for both Springer and Palgrave imprints.

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