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to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic

Springer Nature is monitoring the coronavirus situation closely. Colleagues across all of our teams remain accessible to you for any questions you may have. During this time, we are also doing everything necessary to make sure our research platforms remain fully available and we are ready to support the increasing numbers of researchers, students and faculty working from remote locations. We want to make sure access to our content is not interrupted in any way.

This page is here to facilitate access to information & resources for librarians during this exceptional time. In case you have additional information needs or suggestions please do let us know via

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Supporting research needs in a global pandemic - content usage, submissions and publication statistics

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Our CEO's response to the crisis

Resources for remote access

Remote access

Springer Nature understands there are several ways institutions enable remote access for their users, and we are committed to supporting and facilitating your preferred way of working. Visit our dedicated remote access web page for more details on how we can help. 

Federated access

Federated access is a form of single sign-on that allows users to use a single credential to authenticate across multiple enterprises’ systems and websites. Visit our dedicated federated access web page for more details on services and support available to you around Single sign-on and federated access.

SeamlessAccess podcast series

SeamlessAccess, a one-step, streamlined access service born out of the RA21 initiative last June, uses federated identity as its authentication process to allow researchers to access content from different publishers at any place or time—not just when they’re using their institution’s IP address. 

4-part podcast series, with Laird Barrett, Digital Product Manager at Springer Nature and Heather Flanagan, Program Director at

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