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The Business and Management eBook collection presents the latest research across all sub-disciplines in business and management—whether it’s analysis of how arts-based L&D programmes can improve productivity in the workplace or the latest advances in the impact of AI on maximizing supply chain efficiency, we have it covered.

Our books present research from thought leaders at the world’s top business schools, management firms and academic institutions. Titles extend across all topics and audiences from deep quantitative research for specialists to broad inter-disciplinary studies on issues businesses face today.
The collection also includes our leading Professional books, aimed at practicing managers, which blend rigorous academic research with real world experience and pragmatic advice to prepare students for their careers in business.

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The books in this collection are of interest to academics and professionals in business, management and many related fields including accounting, taxation, business law, CSR, business ethics, management studies, marketing and sales, strategy and leadership, tourism and hospitality, and production, logistics and supply chain management.

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